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3 min readMay 15, 2022


Hello Kuma Family

I would like to provide you all with an update on Kuma. The update will be broken down into three different categories. Where we have been, Where we are now, and Where we will be going.

Where we have been?

Kuma has done quite a lot in the past year even with the radio silence from the developers. We have made our way onto many exchanges and into the wallets of over 25,000 people. Despite all of these great accomplishments the developers have still been silent. Seemingly nonexistent.

Community members started to dig for answers and found interesting characters like Nii Hideo. I won’t go into his story now but he has a dark history that explains the silence we have gotten here at Kuma. This brings me to my next section.

Where are we now?

Kuma is currently undergoing a test of true decentralization. How can we pass this test with the project in its current standing? The community has no power in the vessel. We cannot add new tokens to our breeder or simply update the home page to no longer say “comming soon.” A massive amount of supply is still at the hands of the old developers and the breeder funds are never used to bootstrap the supply of dkuma as advertised.

For these reasons decentralization in the current ecosystem is not actually possible. For a project that is supposed to be decentralized we are almost as centralized as it comes. What can we do to make the dream of decentralization come true? I think one of the things we can do to step towards decentralization is create a community team of developers. They work for the community and themselves for the betterment of Kuma and its users. Put the control of the project back into the communities hands with a DOA.

Where are we going?

If we stay on our current projection Kuma will end up dying. There is no products on the horizon despite the countless riddles and games the community has played. This is why we are planning a true community take over.

We will be relaunching a Kuma v3 contract along with a website redesign, new breeder, and enhancing the community’s control over the ecosystem. You’ll have developer access at your fingertips for any questions you may have. A community owned vessel and a truly one of a kind decentralized exchange. The road forward won’t be easy and simply executed. Kuma will need your help to overcome the challenges ahead as we leave the past behind.

I am working with the CEX exchanges that Kuma is currently listed on in order to facilitate their users migration. After these conversations are complete we will be ready to deploy V3 and provide accurate and detailed information of Kuma V3’s migration plan.

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